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    (Same building as Click Rain, across from the Orpheum theatre)


    Summer 2018


    The full 12 weeks is only $4,997


    (Includes a lot of extras)


    Registration will open in spring 2018


    Total Cost: $4,997


    (class size is limited to 10 students)


    We are on a mission to build cutting-edge Web developers


    The Fundamentals Of Programming

    HTML5 + Javascript + jQuery + CSS3

    Learn the fundamentals of Web development programing with PHP.


    • Explore the latest standards of HTML5 and CSS3 to build rich, cross-browser applications

    • Develop interactive sites with AJAX, jQuery, and advanced client-side frameworks

    • Master media queries to deliver mobile first applications


    Content Management Systems

    PHP + Wordpress

    Learn Wordpress, a popular content-management systems (CMS), and other frameworks to deliver applications with minimal time investment.


    • Create custom themes to harness modern design

    • Dive deep into the CMS frameworks to provide custom functionality

    Frameworks & Libraries

    Bootstrap + MVC + jQuery + AngularJS

    Master modern frameworks and libraries that will make your skills stand out from the masses.


    • Learn to leverage Bootstrap to create cross-platform, mobile ready applications

    • Develop with programming architectures, such as Model View Controller (MVC) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

    • Expand your Javascript skills with jQuery and other libraries

    Social Media & Marketing

    SEO + Social Media + APIs

    Bring your creation to the masses and leverage search engine optimization (SEO) along with social media integration.


    • Learn how to integrate social media APIs with Twitter and Facebook

    • Create search engine friendly Web sites with proper mark-up

    • Explore how micro-data can enrich the content in your applications

    Source Control, Testing & Compatibility

    git + UI Testing + Unit Testing + Browser Compatibility

    Whether you become a one person power house or work on a team of twenty, learn how to use source control and project management to develop your projects. Develop a life cycle that includes automated deployment, testing, security, user interface, and browser compatibility issues.


    • Experience git for source control, version control and team collaboration

    • Learn Test Driven Development and Unit Testing to help reduce bugs

    • Leverage Selenium to automate browser testing

    Interview skills, Project Management & Networking

    Mentorship + Industry + Project-Based Learning

    Our mentorship program pairs each student with a seasoned expert in the industry from day one. This mentor will have a personal interest in your success and help you well beyond the end of the course. Learn valuable collaboration and project management skills while working on team based projects. Additionally, you will learn to hone your resume and interview skills.


    Lifestyle & Healthy Living

    Work-Life Balance + Ergonomics + Healthy Living

    As with many professions, a healthy work-life balance is required. Our program doesn't just discuss things like ergonomics and stress, we blend it into core of the program.




    Unlike other programs, Code Bootcamp brings the traditional classroom experience with hands-on projects, guest speakers, mentorship, and lifestyle skills together in an intense twelve week experience to build a well rounded experience for our students. You will learn more than just the skills of being a developer.


    Foundational Skills

    Students will be provided with online courses and material that will cover basic programming fundamentals including HTML and CSS. This will build a solid foundation of technical skills so that everyone starts with roughly the same background. No prior experience is necessary to get started and anyone who struggles can get early one-on-one assistance before week one start.


    Daily Schedule

    What will the average day be like?


    On class days will formally begin at 9am and go until 4pm.  The morning session will be from 9am - 12pm and focus on technical skills.  We'll take a break from 12pm - 1pm and then begin our afternoon session. 



    We'll also use this time for off site visits, guest speakers, mentorship and other professional development activities.  Even though the day ends at 4pm, participants will be expected to be prepared for the next day's material.  There will also be a variety of networking events to participate in.

    Week 1

    Exploring the Fundamentals of Wordpress

    Our base content management system (CMS) will be Wordpress although everyone will get exposed to other CMS platforms throughout the program. Picking up where our pre-camp work left off, our first week focuses on learning the more advanced uses of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. We will cover group projects and everyone will get a chance to meet with our mentor board.


    Week 2

    Learning Wordpress Templates, Plugins, Audio, and Video

    During week 2 we will expand into Wordpress templates, plugins, and delve deep into media queries and mobile responsive design. We will build a cutting-edge infographic to help master these skills. This week you will get a chance to experience what is inside Wordpress by working directly with PHP and exploring alternative CMS platforms. Finally, you will learn about integrating audio, video, SVGs, and micro-data.


    Week 3

    Making Site Interactive With jQuery and AngularJS

    You will be introduced to the technology necessary to develop a rich, client-side interactive experience with jQuery, AngularJS, and other popular platforms. Diving deep into jQuery, we will explore the Document Object Model (DOM) used by all frameworks to handle event handlers, parsing, JSON payloads, and call-backs.


    Week 4

    Advanced APIs, JSON, XML, 3rd Party Services and OAuth

    APIs are what allow different platforms to easily communicate with each other over the internet. We will cover how to connect to external APIs, how to push and pull data, and how to incorporate a two-way data flow into your websites. In addition to data transfer, we will also cover creating a login system using the popular OAuth authentication used by platforms like Twitter and Facebook. As we round out your development skills, we will begin to polish our browser and unit-testing skills to make sure your sites work across various platforms. Lastly, we are going to begin the discussions related to social marketing and promotion techniques.


    Week 5

    Collecting User Data and Data Storage

    Introduction to Web forms and input elements through PHP and other mail platforms. We will discuss data storage techniques and look into integrating with 3rd party data services. While we are collecting data, we will spend a lot of time on data security and how to protect data with input validation to avoid SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) bugs. We’ll end our week on data with a discussion of the fundamentals of e-commerce and how to collect money through Paypal, Bitcoin, Gumroad, and others.


    Week 6+

    Working With Mobile

    During this week we are going to dive into the world of mobile platforms, starting with how to build multi-purpose, responsive designed websites. When responsive Web is not enough, we will build a hybrid application through Phone Gap and Cordova. To round out our mobile skills, we will cover the basics of how to build a native application in iOS and Android as well as the device APIs, but we won’t actually build one. Finally, your skills are put to the test with mock-interviews, coaching, and other soft skills necessary to excel in the development world.



    Networking And Advanced Skills

    Our post-camp experience will provide everyone the opportunity to build into custom areas for those who want to specialize in specific areas. Additional online and in-person curriculum will be available for those who want to participate.



    Josh Stroschein

    Josh Stroschein

    Co-Founder & Instructor

    Bio / Twitter

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    Peter French


    Developer & UX Specialist


    Michael Todd


    Developer at Lemonly



    Mark Yackley


    Web/Graphic Designer



    Amanda Van Aartsen


    Senior Developer at BrightPlanet


    Dani Ames


    Software Engineer with SGT



    Joshua Broton


    Web Developer



    Brent Van Aartsen


    Director of Web Services at DSU



    Amos Kittleson


    Technology Architect at Sidewalk Technologies


    Jackson Murtha


    Lead Developer at Blend Interactive



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